'I Don't Want You to Get Shooted': A Perspective From an Expat

This conversation from the article above is a similar one I had with my own daughter (who was a similar age) when we were walking pass police in San Francisco a little over 2 years ago. She was just finishing up with her Soccer practice and we were walking back to the car like always. There were a group of officers just chilling by the entrance talking. Now as I am with my daughter in a public park, I am totally oblivious to whatever it is that is going on outside of the bubble that is Maya and

This ones for you...(Lyrics)

If you ever been fan This ones for you... For my queens, and my mans This ones for you... Taking care, making plans This ones for you, this ones for you, (Hey!)  this ones for you See them dreams come true, This ones for you... Be good to ya crew, This ones for you... For those who paid dues, This ones for you, this ones for you, (Hey!) this ones for you... Before the mic, before the lights, before the rap names, Before the first 16, and the taste of some fame, Probably bought my first tape, or

Friday Night Mix (Dj Lord Jazz) #19

Been listening to the big bro Lord Jazz a lot lately. He drops these every Friday. Check it out. #lordsoftheunderground

“Those Seats You’re Sitting In”

I feel for the brother. Everytime I see stuff like this, I honestly breathe a sigh of relief that I am in Japan. I would never want my peoples to be speaking about me in the past tense, my blood on the hands of politicians. I read a great article by the homie Baye McNeil about police in Japan stopping people and I couldn't fully put my feelings into words because almost 2 years ago my 4 year old expressed fear for my life. That pain is etched in my soul and I will never forget what she said to m

Top 10 High School Albums

Decided to repost this over here. This is one of those convos that really took fire on FB. Took me a minute to get this widdled down to this list. Toward the end I just started cheating because when I was a teenager, there was really just a multitude of dope music out. Not that there isn't these days, but the wave was real and it will heavy. 1. Jodeci - Forever My Lady  2. Mary J. Blige - What's the 411?3. Boys II Men - Cooleyhighharmony4. BBD - Poison5. Various - Menace II Society Soundtrack