Top 10 High School Albums

by Paulie Rhyme

Decided to repost this over here. This is one of those convos that really took fire on FB. Took me a minute to get this widdled down to this list. Toward the end I just started cheating because when I was a teenager, there was really just a multitude of dope music out. Not that there isn't these days, but the wave was real and it will heavy.

1. Jodeci - Forever My Lady 
 2. Mary J. Blige - What's the 411?
3. Boys II Men - Cooleyhighharmony
4. BBD - Poison
5. Various - Menace II Society Soundtrack (Went to see the movie at Miles Drive In and cop that tape/cd the next day)
6. NWA/Ice Cube/Dr Dre - Life change when these dudes came out
7. Hit Squad (I use to kick these bars walking through the halls)
8. Nation of Gods & Earths (cheating but if you was kicking that the Black man is God, then I was listening at the time) 
9. The Native Tongues (I know I am kind of cheating with this one as well, but I was a big fan of the whole collective)
10. 2 pac - 2paclypse/Strickly for My... (tie)

Paulie Rhyme