#iamnotracist thoughts

by Paulie Rhyme

Been a minute but this video sparked some thoughts. 

My home girl came over my crib one day, look at my books, and said, "you could teach a class on Black History". I didn`t really know what to say then, but after digested this Joyner Lucas song, I feel like it is important to say that we as adults have to do a better job of teaching kids about their history. Whatever that history may be. If you are connected to or related to children, they should get some history and knowledge of self (and hopefully learn to appreciate other cultures). That a song can break down the history and meaningfulness of the struggle of Black people in America down to fried chicken, kool aid, and Tupac really sickens me.

Like I know the kid can rap and I hope the best for him but I am really angry that whoever is in his corner did not say to him, your perspective on the culture or how you are speaking from the perspective of Black people is so empty. Like you were able to get so deep into the mind and perspective of the supposed other side and you were so unable to really speak from our side. To the point where lots of people are thinking that you were actually that white actor in the video.

Maybe it is a cry for help. I am not sure, but Maya will definitely know who she is, where all her folks come from (as far back as we can go), and to speak and paint our culture and history with a toothpick, not a paint roller....