Dukes Up Video [PV]!!

by Paulie Rhyme

UPDATE: Check the video out above!

Looking forward to the new video (featuring a verse from yours truly) with the homie Crazy T for his new album produced by Arkutec, The Felt Presence of Direct Experience, dropping 8/2. 

We have been homies since the Guy on the Couch/Public Radio days, so the fact that we are both still rapping and also in Japan at the same time is fate. We have made a few joints in the past (check below), but this is by far one of our best collaborations. 

Will update this post tomorrow for the official drop, but feel free to check out previous joints we have made and come back tomorrow at 10pm for the DUKES UP video!!

I also included the lyrics from my verse...

"I heard them bars, fronting stars just looking for shine, 
Rather pen that bulletproof while contemplate with the rhyme, 
Demigod, half blood, that DNA for the future,
Mass Appeal, underground, NPR with some shooters
Never shy from the past, life was full of aggression, Not because I chant daily, competition not stressing,
Pop a tape like the Shinin', Heltah Skeltah with these,
My little brother now a father, Dre stay with the heat, 
Tone ride around the city, Wayne still a beast, 
Bo Kata for you rookies, rolodex never sleep,
Made it in the Midwest like Essince and Quin, 
Mick, Blitz, Rem in NY, lock it down like them kids, 
Who might skate through the park and be dangerous for you, 
The Pac man of this rap, 8 bit for you dudes, 
Double up like Mondays with Pachinko bucks
You's a peach, i'm Hell Train, Stillichimiya..."


Paulie Rhyme