Jay Z is Not Here to Save Anybody (4:44 review)

by Paulie Rhyme

“We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. 

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” 

 Howard Zinn

In no other community is it the expectation that athletes and entertainers save people. Like there are not people, systems, and governments (that we pay through our taxes) that are supposed to working for/with us, but are actively working against us. 

But people are quick to throw people like Jay Z under a bus. 

Be angry with those people, systems, and governments. 

He is using he voice, art, and money to make change the best his knows how. He is a work in progress. He is a former drug dealer turned business man not Barack Obama. 

There is something really wrong (and racist) about that equation. 

I guess in most peoples eyes we all look the same though. 

This reverse savior complex when it comes to people who have historically been oppressed has to go. One person is not going to do it. Never has, never will. Maybe those expectations you have for Jay Z, you really should be looking at for yourself. You don`t need Jay Z to make things better. You don`t have to be rich and Black to help Black people. You need to make things better for you and then they will get better for those around or connected to you. 

"I'm gonna make music, and I'm gonna capture every aspect of being a human being. That's really all I'm trying to do. I think that artists and pop culture identities are used to simplify what it means to be a human and pigeon-hole people into looking up to one role model."

 - Mac Miller

I really enjoyed this project and how it felt more like a podcast, as oppose to an album. The way that Jay Z has changed the way he can articulate different emotions and points, in a more public speaking way, and still keep the listeners attention is so forward thinking and dope. i am not sure if I would sit through another artist attempting to straddle the line between spoken word and music the way he did on this project. So many jewels overall, that I think I will be rewinding this for a minute to digest, which is the beauty of 4:44. It doesn`t have that microwave, mixtape feel, even though it is more of an Ep. 10 tracks went so fast that I felt like I needed to listen to it twice right away. 

And we all don`t live in the hood. #thx