Young Dolph in the Cafe #getpaid

by Paulie Rhyme

Living in a country that plays Hip Hop uncut in lots of places from cafes to doctor's offices, it kind of took me by surprise and made me feel uncomfortable at first. I didn't know how to enjoy my morning set while Lil Wayne bumped in the background, or pick out Maya's latest outfit, while Young Thug was singing about sipping on lean and letting off shots, but with anything I adjusted. Now, while it still makes me cringe at times, I don't pay much attention to it. 

Also, being a college student who needed to work, I am conflicted by seeing a school fire some student's over their bad choices. Yes, if you do something that really causes harm or offends someone personally, there should be repercussions. College is about making mistakes and learning to live (and grown) as contributing members of society. The schools also are usually running various businesses where they profit, in addition to getting your tuition and book money, so I feel like at minimum, they should have turned this into a learning experience. Put those students in a less appealing job for the rest of the year, so they can still make money for school and learn a valuable lesson about time and place. Maybe give them a cd of suggested music (which most retails spots do anyway) and have them make formal apologies to the people who were not happy with there music selection. There are many better ways to handle this. #generationgap

In the end though, shouts out to Young Dolph, who got wind of this and flew the students out to his concert and gave them both 20k for their support. #karma

Peep the original article below. #getpaid